Podcast: What’s wrong with Europe’s Roma policies?

In this podcast, Aleksandra Bojadjieva, a member of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of current policies to further the integration of Roma people.

The policy and research officer from “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,” describes the situation of Roma communities as “a ticking time-bomb.”

She adds: “The situation of Roma in socio economic terms is very disturbing. We are talking about a quite significant workforce that is without education, unemployed and is living on social welfare and without much prospect to change the situation.

“There is a need for searching, innovative and culturally sensitive measures that would really change the situation.

“What I think is missing from all the policies is the empowerment of Roma to act for themselves and trust building because the lost trust throughout the centuries is very much an obstacle to do something to change the situation of Roma.”

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