UK Broadmoor terrorism suspect bids to stop extradition to US ‘supermax’ prison

A man detained in the United Kingdom’s Broadmoor hospital hopes human rights judges will stop his extradition to America to face terrorism charges.

The European Court of Human Rights’ decision in the case Aswat v. the United Kingdom (no. 17299/12) is expected on Tuesday 16 April.

The applicant, Haroon Aswat, of unknown nationality, was born in 1974 and is currently detained in Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital, pending extradition to the United States of America.

Relying on Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment), Aswat alleges that, if extradited and convicted in the USA, he would be at real risk of ill-treatment either as a result of conditions of detention at ADX Florence (a ‘supermax’ prison in the USA) or due to the length of his possible sentence.

The court adjourned its examination of Aswat’s application in April 2012, following judgment in the case of Babar Ahmad and Others v. the United Kingdom (application nos. 24027/07, 11949/08, 36742/08, 66911/09 and 67354/09) concerning similar complaints, as it required further submissions from the parties, on the relevance of his schizophrenia and detention at Broadmoor Hospital to his complaint concerning detention at ADX.

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