Karsten Alnæs: Europe should relax and forget about global influence

Historian Karsten Alnæs has urged Europe to “relax” and accept that its period of great power has come to an end.

Inaugurating a debate series organised by the Council of Europe and l’Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), the Norwegian historian, broadcaster, novelist and journalist said: “I think Europeans should relax in order to be great again.

“They should not try to increase their global or international influence. They should accept that the great period of European power is over.

“I think they have to accept it. There is no other way.”

The ‘History of Europe’ author (photo) also set out his vision of the region’s future. “Europe has to live with diversity and accept diversity in languages and perhaps in currencies too. The new situation in Europe will create a new identity which will have contributions from the new settlers in Europe.”

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