Parliamentary Assembly President Jean-Claud Mignon at migrants centre in Greece

Podcast: Europe, immigration and the end of the “multi-kulti” project

In this podcast, leading intercultural policy expert Dr Robin Wilson discusses immigration and the end of multiculturalism.

Dr Wilson sets out the economic “pull” factors behind migration patterns and analyses how “portal” cities such as Patras in Greece and Lampedusa in Italy cope with the new arrivals.

The Belfast-based expert also gives his views on how newcomers can be integrated into European societies, offering interculturalism as an improvement on the “failed” ideas of multi-culturalism.

“There are all kinds of ways in which cities can be culturally enriched by having diverse populations,” he says. “Innovation can be encouraged to stimulate the economy and entrepreneurship. The city can become a magnet for tourism and for specialised labour coming from outside.”

Many of the themes addressed by Dr Wilson will be discussed at an Intercultural Cities conference in Dublin, from 6-8 February.

The conference, organised as part of Ireland’s EU presidency and Andorra’s chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, will bring to the Irish capital experts and local authority officials from Europe, north America, China and Japan.

They will gather to review the progress of the Intercultural Cities project, a joint Council of Europe-EU venture.

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