Parliamentary Assembly President Jean-Claud Mignon at migrants centre in Greece

Assembly: Europe must show greater solidarity with Greece over migrants

Governments must show greater solidarity with Greece to help the country cope with the arrival of large numbers of irregular migrants and asylum seekers.

The demand from a delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly came at the close of a two-day official visit to Greece. The government is currently tackling a backlog of 50,000 asylum applications.

“Greece is confronted with a major problem of irregular migration at the very moment when it must also try to deal with an unprecedented economic crisis,” said President of the Parliamentary Assembly Jean-Claude Mignon.

“But it cannot be expected to accept all the misery of the world on its own. Only greater European solidarity, be it financial or in terms of receiving refugees and asylum seekers, can really contribute to solving this problem. A shared migration policy is even more essential at a time when the region is facing major instability.

“This is not just a Greek problem, but is above all a European problem. The whole continent has a responsibility to ensure that the situation in the Mediterranean, already difficult to handle, does not become an out-and-out humanitarian catastrophe.”

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