Podcast: Azerbaijan IGF debrief

In this podcast, data protection and privacy specialist Sophie Kwasny reports on the highlights of the Internet Governance Forum, which took place in Azerbaijan.

The seventh IGF brought together earlier this month government, civil society and the technical community to focus on a range of issues which included access and diversity, development, security, openness and privacy.

“The quality of the exchanges and the discussions was really high,” Kwasny (photo) admits. “The Council of Europe has been a pioneer in bringing the human rights discussion to the internet governance forum. Our core business is human rights. At the first IGFS, when we promoted our human rights discourse, it wasn’t always understood and it wasn’t always considered as relevant to the discussion.

“Now the human rights focus is very clear to everybody. It’s even more relevant as you have this balance to find between security and the freedom and rights of individuals.

“We are at a critical time both in terms of the structure of the internet but also in terms of policy. This is a crucial time to discuss these issues and to set the future path of the internet.”

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