Podcast: Bringing interculturalism to the private sector

In this interview, Irena Guidikova sets out the principles and added value of the Intercultural Cities project.

Ahead of her visit today to San Sebastian, Spain, for the start of a two-day private sector awareness-raising conference, the programme manager (photo) says: “For the first time ever, we are organising the discussion between local authorities and business about how to open up the business world to migrants and refugees in order to benefit from diverse experiences, perspectives and viewpoints that they carry with them.

“It is surprising that a lot of enterprises don’t realise that diversity in the workforce and in teams helps the workforce, economic growth and international trade. Even progressive governments are struggling to put it through to citizens that migrants are an opportunity and they bring benefits to society. Entreprises should be participating in the debate.

“We are offering a set of guidelines and a vision that cities can embrace and work with.”

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