European Court of Human Rights
European Court of Human Rights

Court hearing into UK Christians’ complaints

Next week, four devout Christains will ask human rights judges to uphold complaints that the United Kingdom’s government failed to respect their right to religious freedom.

The European Court of Human Rights will review the admissibility and merits of the complaints brought by the British nationals – Nadia Eweida, Shirley Chaplin, Lilian Ladele and Gary McFarlane – on Tuesday 4 September at 9h (CET) during a public hearing.

All four applicants are practising Christians who complain that UK law did not sufficiently protect their rights to freedom of religion and freedom from discrimination at work.

Eweida (Eweida v. the United Kingdom – no. 48420/10), a British Airways employee and Chaplin (Chaplin v. the United Kingdom – application no. 59842/10), a geriatrics nurse, complain that their employers placed restrictions on their visibly wearing Christian crosses around their necks while at work.

Ladele (Ladele v. the United Kingdom – no. 51671/10), a Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages and McFarlane (McFarlane v. the United Kingdom -no. 36516/10), a Relate counsellor, complain about their dismissal for refusing to carry out certain of their duties which they considered would condone homosexuality.

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A webcast of the hearing will be available here from 14h30 (CET).

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