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Joint parliamentary body: EU accession to human rights convention is “crucial”

A joint informal body of MEPs and Council of Europe parliamentarians has welcomed the resumption of talks on EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The high-level political negotiations had stalled last Autumn after the completion of most of the technical work on accession but are expected to start again tomorrow.

A declaration from the two co-chairs of the Joint Informal Body, Pietro Marcenaro and Carlo Casini, said it was “of the utmost importance” that these negotiations reach a speedy conclusion and that the momentum towards an agreement is not lost.

The statement read: “EU accession to the ECHR is crucial with a view to securing a common space for human rights protection across the European continent.

“It is thus essential that the modalities of such accession are completed at a political level as rapidly as possible, and that all outstanding questions are clarified.”

The two co-chairs confirmed that agreement had already been reached on the European Parliament’s participation in the sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly when the latter elects judges to the European Court of Human Rights.

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