Jagland: “A plugged-in world demands transparency and accountability”

New governance models in a plugged-in world will entail greater demands for transparency.

This was a key theme in Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland’s address to the fifth EuroDIG which started earlier today in Sweden.

Jagland’s speech to the Swedish audience of industry heavyweights, web policy experts, tech-insiders and representatives of government and civil society, included references to the fight against cybercrime, data security and the internet as a theatre of hate speech.

The Secertary General also warned of the threats to an “internet free and open to all.” He said: “Around the world, repressive regimes are building cyber fortresses, pushing through measures that restrict free expression and curb fundamental rights.

“The number of governments that censor Internet content has grown from four to forty in ten years. And this number is on the rise.

“We need an open, inclusive and safe environment. We must avoid unnecessary restrictions that can smother innovation and hinder the free flow of information and knowledge.

“I urge European governments to refrain from filtering Internet content for reasons other than those mentioned in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

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