Lee Hibbard
Lee Hibbard

Podcast: Why EuroDIG works

In this interview, internet policy specialist Lee Hibbard gives the background to the Council of Europe’s involvement with the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG).

“People want this to happen,” Hibbard says. “It has a role in getting things of people’s chests and has an influence on public policy.

“It’s not just about the positioning of one particular body or group. It is open, inclusive and flexible. This is gaining in importance. It is recognised more and more and a lot more people are getting involved.”

Interview with Lee Hibbard – Part 1

Interview with Lee Hibbard – Part 2

This year’s two-day event, which opens on 14 June in Stockholm, brings together international organisations, industry heavyweights, tech experts, lobbyists and civil, society for a Europe-wide discussion on key internet development themes.

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