Vicente Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez

Podcast: The discontent of Roma youth

In this interview, activist Vicente Rodriguez expresses the discontent of Roma youth at the treatment his community faces in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.

“We are angry and we are tired,” he says. “We don’t believe in institutions. There is no kind of recognition.”

Rodriguez is one of 30 Roma activists gathered this week at the Council of Europe’s youth Centre for a study session, as part of the Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP).

The session is an opportunity to “set up ideas for interventions for social inclusion at local level or at the European level,” explains the Council of Europe’s Mara Georgescu.

She adds: “We want young Roma to be aware of their rights. In the long run, we are hoping for more local changes and European changes.”

Interview: Vicente Rodriguez

Interview Mara Georgescu

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