Podcast: Director Hervé Martin Delpierre on ‘Sport, Mafia and Corruption’

Global sport is threatened by criminal syndicates involved in match-fixing, illegal betting and the corruption of players and athletes.

Some $140 billion annually is generated by match-fixing alone, according to film-maker Hervé Martin Delpierre (photo), who spent 18 months investigating the global dimensions of the danger.

He visited the Council of Europe today for the world premiere of his documentary ‘Sport, Mafia and Corruption’ and for Parliamentary Assembly debates on match-fixing and sports governance.

“We are confronted by a gigantic phenomenon,” the director said. “Sport is in danger.”

During his inquiry, Delpierre uncovered a world in which highly-organised criminal networks find it all too easy to corrupt sports stars.

Interview: Five minutes with Hervé Martin Delpierre [fr]

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Hervé Martin Delpierre’s film will be shown by the ARTE television station on 8 May.

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