Podcast: Drugs and Europe’s youth culture

In this podcast, the spotlight falls on the impact of drugs on Europe’s young people.

For more than three decades, illegal hard drugs have held youth culture in a terrifying embrace, with rehabilitation agencies reporting the emergence of younger and younger addicts.

In the podcast, Bulgarian law student Elitza Pophlebarova (photo) discusses the impact of drugs on her community and explains how she has been able to resist the lure of cannabis, amphetamines and cocaine, all too readily available in Sofia.

Patrick Penninckx, the Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group, the organisation’s specialist drugs policy agency, outlines the human rights approach to dealing with addiction.

He also gives the background to the European Drug Prevention Prize. It is awarded every two years to drug prevention projects involving young people. The deadline for submitting applications to win the prize is 30 March.

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