Jagland: Migration debate hijacked by extremists on both sides

At a nine presidents meeting in Helsinki later today, Thorbjørn Jagland will warn that Europe’s immigration and integration debate has been hijacked by extremists on both sides.

In the Finnish capital, the Secretary General will argue that “emotions weaken the voice of reason” and will confirm his fear that a continued polarisation of the migration and diversity debate will threaten Europe’s stability and security.

Jagland will point to migrant populations concentrated in ghettos as confirming the real danger of parallel societies and also highlight the online “virtual parallel societies of hatred.”

The Secretary General will call on Europe’s leaders to “stand up and speak clearly” against discrimination, racism and intolerance towards any social, cultural or religious groups.

He is also expected to announce a high level meeting, to take place later this year under the Albanian chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, to discuss Europe’s common response to migration.

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