Giacomo Santini: Greece’s anti-immigration fence “will not solve anything”

A new barbed wire fence to keep out illegal migrants “may well be more decorative than effective.”

That’s the view of Giacomo Santini (photo), President of the Parliamentary Assembly’s Migration Committee, who also says the new fence between Greece and Turkey will “simply give rise to greater distress and more loss of human lives.”

He added: “It will not solve anything at all. People attempting to reach Europe will look for alternative routes. We have already seen this in the Mediterranean region: when obstacles are increased, migration routes shift. Migratory flows now go through Turkey. They will soon follow even more dangerous routes across the mountains, in order to get into Europe via the countries of the north-east.

“The solution lies elsewhere. Greece is on its knees and needs assistance and support. Europe must show greater solidarity and share responsibility where migration is concerned. Greece needs neither the Dublin system, which unfairly distributes responsibilities for asylum in Europe, nor a barbed wire fence, which may well be more decorative than effective.”

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