Podcast: “Safe from fear, safe from violence”

A Europe-wide conference roadshow and international seminars and special hearings are part of the 2012 promotional strategy to encourage governments to ratify a pioneering ‘women’s safety’ treaty.

So far, 18 Council of Europe states have signed the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, better known as the ‘Istanbul Convention,’ which was opened for signature last May

In this interview, Liri Kopaci-Di Michele unveils the organisation’s new year promotional plans.

Five minutes with … Liri Kopaci-Di Michele

Liri Kopaci-Di Michele: Safe from fear, safe from violence (mp3)

The convention is the most far-reaching international legal text in the world, with measures to prevent violence, protect victims and punish perpetrators. It recognises the state’s responsibility to act against any form of violence to women and to end impunity for perpetrators.

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