David Liddington (l) and Thorbjørn Jagland
David Liddington (l) and Thorbjørn Jagland
David Liddington (l) and Thorbjørn Jagland at Strasbourg press conference

Lidington: The consensus for Court reform

Reforms to the European Court of Human Rights will help it to adapt better to the challenges of the future, the British minister David Lidington said today in Strasbourg.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of his speech to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, the Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said “The challenge for all 47 member states is to put together reforms that will enable the court to do its job better faced with the new challenges of the 21st century. I am optimistic that we have the makings of a consensus to take those reforms further forward.”

Lidington said the government wished to present draft proposals on reform by the end of February. The minister also rejected the view that the United Kingdom could withdraw from the European Convention On Human Rights. “There is no question of the UK pulling out of the European convention or the court,” he added.

David Lidington’s press conference

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