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Thorbjørn Jagland

Jagland offers Venice Commission help to Hungary

New constitution and cardinal laws threaten Hungary’s commitments to European standards, Thorbjørn Jagland has warned.

The Secretary General has written to Hungary’s Foreign Minister János Martonyi, offering the government the support of the Council of Europe and in particular, the constitutional expertise of the Venice Commission.

“A way forward could be that you consider requesting that the Venice Commission provides opinions on laws relevant for the independence of the judiciary, religious freedom and elections to parliament,” he writes.

“I would also invite you to request the expertise of the Council of Europe on the media law.”

Thorbjørn Jagland’s letter to János Martonyi

Thomas Hammarberg, the Human Rights Commissioner, today published his correspondence with Hungary’s Foreign Minister on the country’s recent legislative changes.

The new Law on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion, Hammarberg says, occurred “after minimal public consultation and without sufficient consideration of crucial human rights principles.”

He adds: “Recent decisions affecting the independence of the judiciary, freedom of expression and freedom of religion raise serious concerns.”

Thomas Hammarberg’s letter to János Martonyi

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