Governments back ‘Medicrime’ treaty

Twelve nations have joined the fightback against rogue manufacturers and criminal gangs who trade in fake ‘legal’ drugs.

Austria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine backed the Council of Europe’s ‘Medicrime’ Convention at the close of a two-day conference in Moscow (26-28 October).

It is the first international treaty to criminalise the manufacture, supply and sale of counterfeit medical products.

Supporters hope it will curb the lucrative internet commerce in patient-threatening fake drugs.

The treaty is the result of joint action by governments, international organisations, patients’ groups, healthcare professionals and the manufacturers and distributors of medical products.

It will enter into force when ratified by five countries, including three Council of Europe member states.

Interview: 5 minutes with … Sabine Walser

The organisation’s lead expert in the fight against counterfeit medical products discusses the ‘Medicrime’ treaty.

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