Congress delegation meets with Leyla Güven

A delegation from the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities has met with with Leyla Güven, currently held in Diyarbakir E-Type prison, during its visit to Turkey.

Güven, mayor of Viransehir Municipality and a member of the Turkish delegation to the Congress, has been imprisoned since December 2009, alongside other local politicians alleged to have links with a terrorist organisation.

A statement from the delegation read: “The Congress is very concerned about the large number of around 1,800 elected local politicians in detention in Turkey, many of them, like Ms Güven, since 2009. It is not satisfactory if Congress members are no longer able to carry out the mandate for which they were elected. For this reason the Congress will continue to follow-up this matter closely.”

The situation of Ms Güven will be discussed at the 21st Congress Session (18 to 20 October) in Strasbourg.

Statement on the visit of a Congress delegation to Leyla Güven

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