Podcast: Europe’s youth crisis

Later this week, a discussion on the access to social rights of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods is expected to draw 180 youngsters, youth workers and researchers from across Europe.

The Enter! Youth Meeting is an international three-day conference in Strasbourg, aimed at giving Europe’s youth the opportunity to explain their views directly to Council of Europe experts and policy-makers.

In this podcast interview, Rui Gomes, the organisation’s head of Education and Training, outlines the value of this approach at a time when the “crisis of confidence” among young people is gaining increasing attention across Europe.

Also in the podcast, Neil Wotherspoon, a youth project director in Scotland, gives the background to the employment worries of the young people he works with in east Dumbartonshire.

Gary Young, author and journalist with the Guardian newspaper, discusses the causes of the riots in English cities last month and offers his solution to youthful rebellion, whilst Nadia El-Imam provides the first glimpse into a new Council of Europe-EU online youth communication channel.

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