‘Emerald Network’ meeting of biodiversity experts

Over the next two days, biodiversity experts meeting in Strasbourg will discuss the development of Europe’s Emerald Network for protected species.

The network is considered a model for conserving biodiversity whilst allowing for a degree of human exploitation of the landscape.

“The experts will review the calendar for the setting-up of the Emerald Network and ensure coordination with the EU for the future harmonisation of the Emerald and the Natura 2000 networks, “says the Council of Europe’s Ivana D’Alessandro (photo).

“Once accepted to become part of the Network, the Emerald sites will be properly managed in order to achieve their primary objective – to ensure the long term survival of species and habitats listed as threatened throughout Europe.”

The meeting is organised under the terms of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, better known as the Bern Convention. It is the first international treaty to bring countries together on nature and conservation issues in order to protect both species and habitats.

In an interview, Ms D’Alessandro outlines how the treaty counters the quickening pace of biodiversity degradation in Europe. “Biodiversity is life on earth. Protecting nature means protecting our future,” she says.

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