07/30/2000. Unity 2000 March

Last ditch appeal to save death row convict

Anti-death penalty campaigner Renate Wohlwend is to make a last ditch appeal to Texan authorities to stop the 7 July execution of Humberto Leal García.

The Liechtenstein Council of Europe Assembly Parliamentarian hopes to persuade them to review the case of Leal García, a Mexican national, who was sentenced to death in 1995.

“Leal was never informed about his right to request consular assistance, as he should have been under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations,” said Wohlwend. “He was charged, tried and sentenced to death without being told of this right. The government of Mexico, if informed, would have taken measures to ensure that Humberto Leal was represented by competent attorneys.

“The International Court of Justice held seven years ago that his conviction should be reviewed and reconsidered. Pending the passage of legislation needed to implement this judgment, which the U.S. Government recognises as binding, Texas should not commit the irreparable and execute Mr. Leal before his conviction can be reviewed.”

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