Sara Khan joins women’s rights and Islam podcast line-up

Human rights activist Sara Khan is set to take part in a special podcast devoted to women’s rights and Islam in Europe.

Ms Khan, a community development specialist and adviser to the last UK government, has worked with Muslim groups in the United Kingdom for more than 18 years.

In 2022, she was elected President of a national Muslim Women’s youth organisation. Three years later, after the 7 July London transport bombings, Ms Khan was appointed to the Home Office’s Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Working Group.

Ms Khan is the director of the recently launched ‘Inspire’ project and a driving force behind the ‘Jihad Against Violence (JAV),’ a gender-equality movement by Muslim women designed to voice their opposition to domestic violence and violent extremism.

“We are appalled that Islam instead of being recognised as a faith for peace, has now become synonymous with violence and all things negative including the oppression of women,” she says.

“We believe we can no longer sit in silence while we watch the name of our faith being used to justify crimes. It is our duty to make our voices heard and to reclaim our faith so that it is no longer hijacked by individuals and organisations who in the Name of Islam incite and carry out violent acts of hatred and extremism and whose sole aim is to create a broken world.”

“The idea of JAV is one which will resonate with many across the world because we are seeing a great deal of change in parts of the Middle East where the Arab people are demanding to live in freedom, peace and dignity. Alongside this, there is a growing effort being made by Muslim women themselves in securing their rights.”

Ms Khan will join other podcast guests to discuss Islam’s profile in Europe, women’s rights, the consequences of Islamist terror, how radicalisation can be prevented and the conclusions of the Council of Europe report on diversity and freedom, published last month.

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