Podcast: The challenge of diversity

Later today, in London, Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland will outline his view that Europe must embrace diversity as a key aspect of its deep security.

The concept is underlined in the Council of Europe’s report on diversity and freedom published last month.

In this podcast, a range of commentators, critics and experts discuss the current thinking on diversity and how to improve the relationship between Europe’s majority communities and ethnic and religious minorities.

The subject has been given added significance this year by declarations from Britain, France and Germany that multiculturalism has failed.

Author and journalist Gary Younge, social commentator Sunny Hundal and Pernille Kjeldgård, head of diversity at Copenhagen municipal authority, join the European Commission / Council of Europe Intercultural Cities project chief Irena Guidikova, to identify and discuss the challenges of Europe’s ‘post-multicultural’ future.

Attention focusses on the weaknesses of multiculturalism, the “dark faces in high places” pitfall of diversity and the prospect of interculturalism replacing multiculturalism as the dominant mindset for managing diversity.

Podcast: The Challenge Of Diversity

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