Assembly urges governments to reduce Wifi and mobile phone school use

Governments should place curbs on the use of wireless technology and mobile phones in schools to reduce cancer risks to children.

A Parliamentary Assembly committee meeting today in Kyiv urged authorities to “give preference to wired Internet connections and strictly regulate the use of mobile phones by schoolchildren on school premises.”

According to the committee, governments should “reconsider the scientific basis for the present electromagnetic fields exposure standards set by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection.

The assembly’s adopted resolution underlines that “the precautionary principle should be applicable when scientific evaluation does not allow the risk to be determined with sufficient certainty.”

It also stresses that “the issue of independence and credibility of scientific expertise is crucial” to achieve a transparent and balanced assessment of potential negative impacts on the environment and human health.

Earlier this week, a spokeswoman for the European Union is reported to have confirmed that mobile phones available in Europe are “presumed to be safe.”

The Kyiv meeting also called for reduced use of mercury in dental procedures (Read more).

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