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The protection of journalists’ sources, Rapporteur of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education: Mr Morgan Johansson (Sweden, SOC) Vice-president Tiny KOX, Netherlands

Palestinian National Council makes ‘partner for democracy’ Assembly request

A request for ‘partner for democracy status’ from the Palestinian National Council has been lodged with the Parliamentary Assembly, it has been confirmed

Now Tiny Kox will start a four day information visit to the Palestinian Territories on 21 March and expects to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. .

‘Partner for democracy’ status allows parliamentary delegations mainly from countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and central Asia to take part in the Assembly’s activities.

The agreement requires that they also commit to values upheld by the Council of Europe, hold free and fair elections and work towards abolishing the death penalty.

In Ramallah, Kox is due to meet the Speaker of the Palestinian National Council Salim Al Za’noun. He will also hold talks with the Foreign, Justice, Womens’ Affairs and Prisons Ministers, as well as electoral officials, members of the judiciary, trade union officials and representatives of the media and human rights organisations.

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