Marty: Kosovo organ trafficking witnesses face reprisals

Worldwide protection will be needed to protect Kosovo witnesses to the illicit traffic of human organs uncovered by Dick Marty, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Rapporteur.

Following the assembly’s adoption of his report, Marty said that he had “given his word of honour” to the witnesses who came forward during his investigation.

“Without protection, these witnesses will be in danger all over the world,” he told a press conference after the assembly’s debate today (25 January).

Marty condemned what he called the “scandal of indifference” which had led to the deaths of some whistleblowers and allowed the contact details of witnesses to be given to defence lawyers.

“Basic rights are not negotiable,” he insisted. “This message must go from Strasbourg to all the national parliaments.”

He declared his report to be not an attack on Kosovo or its people but a search for truth adding that the future of the country should not be built on “the unsaid and hidden truth.”

Marty Report

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