International partners meet to further Roma inclusion

A meeting of international partners is underway in Strasbourg, as the Council of Europe looks to build support for its programme to further the inclusion of Roma people.

Jeroen Schokkenbroek, the Council of Europe’s newly appointed Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma issues, is leading the conference. The EU, the Roma Education Fund and the European Roma and Travellers Forum are among the organisations in attendance.

Schokkenbroek, outlining the Council of Europe’s programme, said the meeting built on the momentum created by last October’s Roma summit.

Tomorrow, the Council of Europe’s will start four days of training for Roma mediators.

On 3 February, French actress Fanny Ardant and Greek artist Maria Papadimitriou will headline the Greek government’s Athens launch of the Dosta! campaign against anti-gipsyism in the country.

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