Divorce In The Netherlands

Most Dutch men are better off financially after a divorce, according to a report published by the European Commission For The Efficiency Of Justice.

“After a divorce, most men are better off financially than when they were married,” author Marijke ter Voert declares in her examination of divorce in the Netherlands.

“Their purchasing power rises by an average 7%. Women on the other hand lose 23% of their purchasing power on average after a divorce.”

“Divorce has different financial consequences for men and women. This is partly connected with the presence of children and with whom they live after the divorce. If a couple does not have children, the purchasing power of both the woman and the man decreases after a divorce. Men lose 6% on average.

“As men have a higher average income, the loss of common income hits women hardest: their purchasing power is reduced by an average 27%.

In cases where children stay with their mother after a divorce, the purchasing power of men increases by an average 33%, in spite of the fact that they have to pay alimony. Women’s purchasing power decreases by 21%.”

Report [pdf]

European Commission For The Efficiency Of Justice

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