Athens set for Dosta launch

On 3 February, the Dosta! campaign, which fights racism against Roma people, will be launched in Athens Greece.

In this Greek language interview with humanrightseurope, Eleni Tsetsekou, a Council of Europe Roma expert, discusses the importance of the campaign for Greece.

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Interview Transcript

In Romani language, DOSTA means “enough”. With the launch of this pan-European campaign the Council of Europe hopes it will contribute to the abolition of prejudice and racism that Roma people face all over Europe.

Greece is a part of this, too. For this purpose, the Council of Europe is launching on the 3 February, for the first time in Athens, Greece, the DOSTA! Campaign.

Kostas Hatzis, a well-known Greek Roma singer, and the French actress and the Council of Europe’s Dosta! Campaign ambassador, Fanny Ardant, will attend the event.

The biggest problem faced by Roma people, who already are in a bad situation in Europe, is prejudice and racism from the wider society.
Ignorance brings prejudice and social rejection. From our part, we believe that most state-members’ policies lack awareness-raising among the public.

With this launch, we expect that the Greek Ministry of Education and the other Greek ministries will succeed in informing Greek people of the Roma people’s identity and the problems they face and will bring these two different worlds closer together.

(Photo by Aurora Ailincai)

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