Anti-Corruption Unit Reports On Serbia

Greater efforts are needed to fight corruption and strengthen the supervision of party funding in Serbia, according to a new Council of Europe report.

In the Third Round Evaluation Report published today by the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), the countries authorities´ efforts to comply with Council of Europe standards are recognized.

However, the report’s authors call on Serbia to “address a few limited deficiencies, regarding, in particular, the legal framework applicable to the bribery of foreign jurors and arbitrators, as well as the possibilities to prosecute corruption abroad.

“Serbia also needs to be more proactive in detecting, investigating and prosecuting corruption cases. More must be done to secure convictions not only for petty bribery, but also high-level corruption in the public sector. The authorities also need to remain alert to related problems, other than traditional bribery, such as trading in influence and corruption in the private sector. So far, very few investigations have been launched in respect of these offences.”

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