Thorbjørn Jagland: Council of Europe focussed on protecting human rights and democracy in Turkey

“Our focus now is on the protection of democracy and human rights, on which Turkey’s future stability depends,” declared the Secretary General.

Video: Women, ‘the weight of culture’ and female genital mutilation

Human rights activists say that the risk of girls being taken to be mutilated in parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, increases during the long summer break.

Turkey announces decision to suspend “temporarily” European Convention on Human Rights commitments

Article 15 of the convention allows for derogation in times of public emergency threatening the life of a nation. It has been used in the past by other member states, most recently by France and by Ukraine.

Greece: Court rules against “haircut” on bonds human rights challenge

Judges ruled today that the “haircut” on bonds held by individuals geared to restructuring the Greek public debt during the crisis did not violate their property rights.

Turkey: Nils Muižnieks condemns “contemptible” failed coup

“I rejoice in the fact that the Turkish people unambiguously foiled this attempt, and that all democratic political currents and leaders stood united against it,” the Commissioner for Human Rights declared today.