Podcast : The triple threats to sport‘s future

Governance, doping and match fixing are in the cross-hairs of independent legal consultant Kevin Carpenter, who, in this podcast, examines these key intergrity questions.

United Kingdom: Judges reject prisoners’ right to welfare benefits complaint

The case concerned five convicted prisoners’ entitlement to social security benefits whilst serving criminal sentences in psychiatric hospitals.

France: Court announces June ruling in Lambert ‘end of live’ human rights battle

On 5 June, the European court will reveal its decision on a complaint which pits a family against French medical experts over the ‘end of life’ treatment of tetraplegic patient Vincent Lambert.

Podcast: “My grandfather fought for the Nazis, my great-grandfather died in Auschwitz!”

This podcast features interviews with contributors attending seminars at the European Youth Centre on the theme of remembrance and learning from World War two.

Podcast: The Importance of investigative journalism

In this podcast, Alun Drake discusses the importance of investigative journalism to a strong, functioning democracy.