Hungary: Human rights ruling awards €100,000 to sacked Supreme Court president

The European court held that Hungary was to pay former European Court of Human Rights judge András Baka, 70,000 euros (EUR) in respect of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage and EUR 30,000 in respect of costs and expenses.

Italy: Court ruling on police communication media spying complaint

The case concerned the conviction of three journalists who intercepted radio communications between carabinieri in order to arrive quickly at crime scenes and report on them for their local newspaper.

Switzerland: Anti-torture report warns against life imprisonment and Geneva drug task force police brutality

An expert anti-torture report on Switzerland expresses “serious reservations” about the continued use of life imprisonment and raises allegations of police brutality linked to the Geneva canton drug task force.

Live report: Women in the economy

Gender inequality in the workplace is real, with enduring structural barriers, low pay and precarious job situations worsening the discrimination experienced by many women, two experts confirmed earlier today.

European human rights institutions launch new justice guide

“This handbook summarises key access to justice principles, drawing on a wide body of European law and jurisprudence,” says President of the European Court of Human Rights Guido Raimondi.