Charlie Hebdo lawyer set for free-expression Strasbourg conference

Threats to freedom of expression in Europe will be discussed on 13-14 October, at a Strasbourg conference featuring Charlie Hebdo’s lawyer, judges and journalists.

Azerbaijan: Council of Europe withdraws from human rights task force

Since October 2014, a Council of Europe representative had been attending meetings in Baku intended to revive the dialogue between civil society and Azerbaijani authorities. Despite this initiative, the overall situation of human rights defenders in the country has deteriorated dramatically.

Norway: Jagland set for media protection conference

The 8 October event, hosted by the Norwegian Association for Critical and Investigative Press (SKUP), is the world´s largest international gathering of investigative reporters, bringing together 860 participants from 121 countries.

Greece: School’s “leper children” ban blunder led to human rights breach

The case concerned the exclusion of children aged 7 and 11 from school after they were wrongly diagnosed with leprosy.

Turkey: Court backs media professionals in free expression human rights complaint

The European Court of Human Rights ruled today that in the case of Belek and Velioğlu v. Turkey (application no. 44227/04) a criminal conviction for a press article that did not call for violence or amount to hate speech, did violate Article 10 (freedom of expression) of the European convention.