Poland : Nils Muižnieks issues “human rights backsliding” warning

“Human rights compliant legislation requires time and thorough consultation” the Commissioner for Human Rights said today at the end of a four-day visit to the country.

Poland: Court judgement to highlight prison treatment of high risk inmates

Next week, a European Court of Human Rights decision on complaints brought by Polish convicts, will again cast the spotlight on how prisons treat dangerous offenders.

United Kingdom: Court rejects internet research juror’s human rights complaint

The case concerned Theodora Dallas’ conviction for contempt of court, as a result of her conducting Internet research in relation to the criminal case she was trying as a juror.

Video: Confronting sexist hate speech

The internet has become “a site of diverse forms of violence against women, in the form of pornography, sexist games and breaches of privacy,” according to the UN Human Rights Council.

Report: Portugal should strengthen anti-corruption controls on parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors

The report, authored by the Council of Europe anti-corruption unit GRECO, stresses that the accountability of members of parliament (MPs) has been undermined by a conflict of interests´ regime. It also notes that incompatibility rules are too permissive.