Bulgaria: Whole life prisoner wants human rights sanction for strict regime

The case concerns the strict prison regime, involving isolation, of life prisoner Halil Adem Hasan.

France: Ruling on corporal punishment of children

The European Committee of Social Rights says the smacking of children is not “prohibited in a sufficiently clear, binding and precise manner under French law or case-law.”

“Torture feeds terror,” Jagland warns Europe’s leaders

“Torture in our cells will only feed terror on our streets,” Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland writes today, in an article published by the United Kingdom’s ‘Guardian’ website. “Treating people like animals is the surest way to help their humanity disappear.”

Court: Systemic problem of ineffectiveness of investigations in Bulgaria

In a human traffic complaint decision today against Bulgaria, the European court declared that investigations in the country suffer from a “systemic problem of ineffectiveness.”

Podcast: Why jails need solitary confinement

“The balance between human rights and the right to life is really tricky for people like me,” says Irish prison governor Pat Kavanagh, discussing the use of solitary confinement in jails in this podcast