Ukraine: Joint agreement spurs decentralisation reforms

The accord lays the foundations for further decentralisation across Ukraine, a key aspect of the government’s constitutional and legislative programme.

Podcast : Women’s prescription drugs health bombshell

Malta psychology professor Marilyn Clark says women are more likely to be prescribed Benzodiazepine drugs for stress, part of what she believes is a long-term willingness among doctors to “medicalise” women’s everyday worries.

Anti-human trafficking unit publishes annual report

The Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) report, based on its analysis of trends in 35 countries, wants governments to “step up their efforts,” to identify child victims and encourages national authorities to offer better assistance to trafficked people, as well as compensation, to boost the effectiveness of law enforcement investigations, prosecutions and convictions.

Italy: Court rules against cancer-struck family’s industrial pollution human rights protest

The case concerned Ms Smaltini’s allegations of a causal link between the polluting emissions from the Ilva factory located near her home and the leukaemia that led to her death.

Italy: Court rejects Vesuvius volcano residents’ protest

The case concerned the risks attached to a potential eruption of Vesuvius and the measures taken by the authorities to combat those risks.