Moldova: Mum awaits judgement on “infested tap water” human rights complaint

The case concerns Svetlana Otgon’s complaint about the amount of damages awarded to her by the courts after she drank infested tap water.

Austria: Court set for judgement on news publisher’s free expression complaint

The case concerns applicant company, Verlagsgruppe News GmbH’s civil liability for an article published in Profil, which made allegations of wrongdoing by a banker.

Slovenia lodges inter-state European Court complaint against Croatia

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has lodged an application with the Court against the Republic of Croatia. The case concerns the actions of the Croatian judiciary and executive, in relation to legal claims brought by the bank Ljubljanska banka d.d concerning the fate of assets and receivables following the disintegration of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Croatia: Armed robber wins judges’ backing in cell space human rights row

An armed robber detained in a cell with less than three square metres of personal space, has convinced Strasbourg judges that his human rights were violated by Croatia’s authorities.

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities elects Gudrun Mosler-Törnström as new president

Mosler- Törnström is the first woman to be elected to the presidency of the Congress.